Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter to measure 1 ~ 300mm with user-friendly menu interface

  • User friendly menu operation. 
  • Adjustable backlight LCD. 
  • Memory storage with each set of measured value, sound velocity, max, min and avg value. 
  • Option for silent operation and auto power off for conserving battery. 

Applicable to measure the thickness of many materials, like steel, cast iron, aluminium, red copper, brass, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron. It is widely used in almost all kinds of industries.

Measuring principle:

Ultrasonic thickness gauge determines the sample thickness by measuring the amount of time it takes for a sound pulse, generated by an ultrasonic transducer, to travel through a test piece and reflect from the inside surface or a far wall.

Measuring range as per #45 Steel


Metrix+ UTM 5A+
Display 240 x 320 LCD with adjustable backlight and user-friendly menu operation.
Measuring range 1 ~ 300mm (in steel)
Accuracy H < 10mm, +0.1mm
H >= 10mm, +(0.1 + 1.0%H)mm
H = real thickness of sample 
Resolution 0.1mm/0.01mm/0.01inch
Sound velocity range 1000 ~ 9999 m/s
Units mm, inch
Min size of tube Ф20 * 3mm (steel)
Memory 300 sets of records 
Additional functions Menu operation, single and continuous measurement modes, alarm measurement, sound velocity measurement and probe calibration
Power supply 3 x 1.5V AAA battery ; about 4 hrs of continuous working period
Size and weight 128 x 63.5 x 27 mm ; 0.15kg
Standard accessories Main unit, standard probe, coupling agent, manual, batteries, gift box
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