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Digital Moisture Meter to measure moisture content in various types of paper products.

MM Soil

Soil moisture measurement meter with measuring range upto 80%

Coat Measurer F+N

Flexible probe Digital Coating Thickness Meter to measure the thickness of coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates upto 1250um


Digital Grain moisture meter with cup type accurate measurement to measure 36 species with range upto 50%


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with through coating measurement and A-scan and B-scan functions.


Pen type ultra portable leeb hardness tester with measuring range 170 ~ 960 HLD

LX 1336A

Flexible sensor Lux Meter with measuring range upto 5L lux

SL 4005

Digital Sound Level meter with A, C & F weightings, upto 130dB measuring range and built in calibration mode.

AVM 05

Separate sensor digital anemometer to measure wind speed upto 45m/s, air flow and air temperature.

COL 45

Digital color meter to measure color and color differences in six color spaces for no lighting, non-fluorescent materials.